“ASHES RAIN” is an action puzzle game where a lone girl and a solitary small robot (known in this world as a “Gearman”) cooperate to ascend a tower-like city shrouded in falling ashes.

Together, they can overcome the challenges and mechanisms that they couldn’t surmount individually. They cooperate and complement each other’s shortcomings, gradually solving the puzzles.

The city itself seems lifeless, an eerily quiet ruin where many incapacitated Gearmen are huddled in the ashes. When the girl ignites their souls, a portion of their functionalities is revived, and they assist in resolving the puzzles.

This is a warm light kindled in a world that seems piled with corpses. Our goal is to create a game that allows players to experience the healing and poignancy of the girl’s kindness and redemption, as well as the inevitable sense of loss.


In a sunken place at the end of the world, there lies a city that seems constructed entirely from silence, where only ashes quietly, quietly fall and accumulate.

The city’s light has long lost its spark. Countless spring mechanisms and gears have long forgotten to turn, and the residents, heads bowed and bodies rigid, have been encased in hard metal skins to shield themselves from the searing white ashes for an immeasurable time.

In this place, there is a solitary girl. Her body is full of burns from the ashes, a lone girl who has lost both words and memories. She awakens at the lowest level of the city, looking up at the tower-like city.

There is a round, small Gearman. Unlike the other Gearmen, he has not yet lost his soul and can still function. His strength is small, but he is alive.

The story begins with the meeting of the girl and this small Gearman. It’s a tale of just the two of them, aiming for the top of the city and the white moon that lies beyond.



In the city of the Gearmen, a girl wakes up alone in the flesh. Her body is covered in burns, and she has lost both her memory and her words. The warm light born from her hands calls back the souls of the immobilized Gearmen, and her presence ignites a beacon of hope in a world filled with despair.


Coro is a solitary little Gearman. He adores the girl from the bottom of his heart and scampers (or rather, tumbles) around her like a puppy. His innocence brings comfort to the girl, and his abilities provide crucial assistance in their joint effort to liberate this world.



RED HOUSE × Matrix is an indie game circle composed of staff members of Red House Inc. and Matrix Inc. RED HOUSE × Matrix was established in 2022 to develop “ASHES RAIN”.

An art studio established by Kiyoshi Arai, who participated in the Final Fantasy series as an artist for many years at the game company Square Enix. RED HOUSE Co., Ltd. is a design company that not only produces concept boards, designs, etc. for games and anime, but also plans and develops original works for games, anime, manga, etc. from an artistic approach.

Matrix Corporation
Matrix Corporation is a game developer founded by Kosuke Ohori, a.k.a. “Urusei Anzu,” who was the first person in the world to achieve 10 million points on XEVIOUS and created the best-selling mini-comic magazine “XEVIOUS: The Solution to 10 Million Points. He has developed a wide range of home video game software and smartphone game applications. Known overseas as the developer of Alundra.


Main Theme
Clair de Lune
Composed by Claude Debussy

A faint trace remained in the girl who lost her memory. It was Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”. The music, mixed with noise through the radio, and a gentle, yet lonely voice. The person who played “Clair de Lune” on the radio, someone who should still be alive in this city, becomes the girl’s purpose to find.

Performed by FILM SCORE LLC

FILM SCORE LLC is a music production company specializing in the creation of soundtracks for various media such as games, anime, and films. It has bases in both Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Pianist for “Clair de Lune” – Tomoya Aoki.


President, RED HOUSE Co., Ltd
Creative Director / Art Director
Kiyoshi Arai

President, Matrix Corporation
Executive Producer
Yasuhiro Ohori

2D Artist / Character Designer
Konohana Hirannko
– Career Summary –
Saga of Tanya the Evil × Alice Gear Aegis Public Relations and Signboard Illustration Lead NieR Re[in]carnation
Winner of the Akihiko Yoshida Illustration Contest Solo Exhibition “The War in My Mind” Solo Exhibition “my of the LOW”


Art Manager
Jun Suzuki

3D Concept Artist

Assistant 2D Artist
Tetta Seki

Matrix Corporation

Hiroaki Kawai

Lead Planner
Yuto Ishikawa

Kazuya Kuranari

Fumi Imai

Program Manager
Tomoaki Baba

Lead Programer
Naoki Murakami

3D Design Manager
Yuta Koyano

3D Artist
Satoru Harada

3D Artist
Kana Hamasaki

3D Artist
Mako Takeuchi

Kiyofumi Hino

Yusuke Takanashi

Production Support
Momoko Matsuura

Koichiro Iwashita


Action Puzzle Game
System Requirements
OS:Windows 10/11 (64bit)
Distribution Store
Steam® and more
Number of Players
1 person
Online Mode
Not supported
Release Date
Official Website
©2023 REDHOUSE×Matrix


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