REDHOUSExMatrix welcomes your activities in support of “ASHES RAIN”!
Please follow these guidelines for the use of images and videos of “ASHES RAIN” on the Internet, and agree to all of them before using them. Please read this guideline to the end, as it also applies to secondary productions.


This is for individuals.
Corporate licensing is not covered by this guideline, so please contact us individually.


  • You may submit videos, still images, etc. using copyrighted material from “ASHES RAIN” for non-commercial purposes only.
  • Please do not make any secondary use of copyrighted material from “ASHES RAIN”.
  • Please indicate the copyright holder below when submitting your work.
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  • If requested by REDHOUSExMatrix, for any reason whatsoever, please remove any postings using copyrighted material from “ASHES RAIN” as soon as possible.
  • REDHOUSExMatrix will not compensate for any problems or damages caused by submissions using copyrighted material from “ASHES RAIN”.
  • We will not respond to individual inquiries regarding the use of copyrighted materials or guidelines for “ASHES RAIN”.
  • These guidelines will be updated from time to time. Please be sure to check the latest guidelines before submitting your work.
  • If the guidelines are updated after submission, we may ask you to go back and revise your submission.
  • If you post photos of the REDHOUSExMatrix booth at an event (such as BitSummit), please be considerate of staff members. You may post photos of the REDHOUSExMatrix booth as long as you ask for permission on the spot.